Clarke CMD300 mini mill

This is a rebranded Sieg X2.

  • Spindle taper is MT3 Morse Taper.
  • T-slots are 12mm in size

Arc Euro Trade carry a good range of common spares.

These things are worth having as a starting point:

    • Replaces the plastic gears in the gearbox, making them stronger. As Arc Euro Trade say - if something breaks (likely the plastic entry gear) then it'll be more accessible.
    • This video shows how to install them.
    • This is the gear on the input side of the gearbox. If the mill is overloaded and the gearbox has been upgraded with metal gears, this is the most likely gear to be damaged.
    • It's worth keeping a few of these in stock, just in case…!
    • If you feel like playing with fire, a metal version is available.
    • If you're in a bind, here is a 3D-printable STL file which will keep your machine running while you get a new gear.
    • For the countershaft.
    • Chances are, you'll lose one of these eventually.
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